KOLOWA HVLS Big Ceiling Fan creates big air movement for a more uniform cooling and effective heat destratification, while helping your business save energy cost. 

Our large diameter - variable low speed KOLOWA Big Ceiling Fans move big volumes of air with their size, not speed. Here are some of the benefits.


Cooling Effect
According to the OSHA standards, temperatures of 38°C (100.4°F) and above are detrimental to workers' health and well-being, while air temperatures exceeding 35°C (95°F) drastically increase the heat load on the body. As temperature & humidity levels increase, the body's ability to cool itself wanes. However, the large movement of air creates a perceived cooling effect where one can experience 3.7°C (10°F) cooler.

Clients & Employees Stay Cool & Comfortable
Customers & workers in air-conditioned venues stay cool and comfortable even if the air-conditioning set-points are raised without compromising on the thermal comfort.
Big Savings
Reduction of air-conditioning energy cost equals big savings.

Increase in Work Productivity
Translates to more business profits.
Prevention of Damaged Goods/Products
Air movement creates and maintains consistent temperatures from ground to ceiling and wall to wall resulting in uniformity of temperature, reduced condensation, reduced corrosion, and mould mitigation.

Your Establishment Looks Cool & Unique
Be a crowd puller and see your business increase.

SF 288
SF 288
SF 240
SF 240
SF 190 Super Fan
SF 190 Super Fan
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